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We never underestimate the importance of an efficient supply chain. A well-managed supply chain will radically increase the sales of your products, while decreasing associated costs.

From our warehouse in Ireland’s Shannon Free Zone, we can ship your product throughout Europe and beyond. We operate 24/7 and provide telephone support to all clients.

By letting us manage your supply chain, it will free up time to focus on core activities, such as sales.


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  • Point of Use Delivery

    Partners In Logistics are specialists in providing supply chain solutions. We know how to deliver cost savings and competitive advantages to our clients.

    We engage in:

    Vendor hubbing

    Pre-production preparation


    Some customers may need to have Kanban locations set up on their production lines. Partners In Logistics maintains a minimum stock in these locations. This process can be completely managed by Partners In Logistics staff, which will check these locations and replenish them on a daily basis.


  • Inventory Control

    Design warehousing polices

    Manage warehousing procedures

    Pharma-authorised warehousing

    Full Kanban / Just-in-time processes


  • Supply Solutions

    Strategic sourcing to cut costs

    Integrated scope of work

    Develop bespoke SLAs

    Utilise the latest IT processes / solutions



Order Fulfilment

Outsource storage / pick and pack

Bulk storage of product

Product assembly / kitting

Printing, packing and labelling of product

Localisation / translation

Reverse logistics

Securing replacement stock