Is this your companies current method of distribution?

Consolidate to Partners In Logistics and ship directly.


We offer delivery services throughout Europe by Road or Air. We have a working relationship with most of the large European Freight carriers (UPS, DHL, DPD, Aramex, Schenker, DSV, Royal Mail.) and choose the most cost effective to match our clients delivery requirements. We do not have an issue if goods are sold on an ex works basis and customers collect from our warehouse. We would quote in advance once a delivery profile is made available.


We manage, receive, warehouse, stock control, pick and pack, fulfil customer orders to your instructions. We have a transparent model of charges and reporting for this service which is based on activity, SKU No’s, space requirement, turnaround requirement, order size. The standard warehouse charge model is based on a price per pallet in, a price per pallet per week for storage and a price per pallet out. We can work on this basis or go to order or carton level depending on your business profile.

Channels will not have to deal with VAT, Duty or Customs Clearance


Partners In Logistics manage the VAT(Value Added Tax) and Duty of our clients. This includes registering our client for VAT in Ireland and/or the UK, managing all reporting requirements to Irish/Europe/British Revenue and Customs. This enables our clients to sell from the bonded warehouse with the goods in free circulation within Europe as if they were actually in Europe themselves. There is no requirement for the client to incorporate in Ireland but some choose to do so to avail of the 12.5% corporate tax rate here. Goods can be sold from our warehouse to VAT registered customers across Europe at 0% VAT which has positive cash flow benefits. VAT and Duty at the point of entry are also deferred into the bonded warehouse that has similar benefits. The payment by the customer can go directly to our client and does not have to be received in Ireland. We do offer banking and invoicing services if preferred. We generally have a monthly charge for this service that is value and activity based.

We are ready to assist you with any questions you might have